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It's Tax Time Again
Look to us for all of your tax preparation needs.

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Do You Know the Five Most Common and Costly Mistakes
in Preparing a Tax Return?

With over 30 years experience helping individuals and small businesses in the Beaver Valley to legally minimize the amount of taxes owed, we know all of the ins and outs of tax preparation. Making mistakes can cost you a ton of money in either overpaying the I.R.S. or in not receiving as large of a refund as you legally deserve. As an accounting firm, we have a much broader knowledge base than firms that only do taxes. This additional knowledge gives us a major advantage over non-accountant tax preparers.

Are You Prepared to Take Advantage
of the Changes in the Tax Code?

There are over 400 hundred changes in the tax code this year. Are you up to snuff on all of them? Are you prepared to spend hours researching everything? We have already done the homework on the tax code changes; that is our job. And again, unless you have a background in accounting, you will not know enough to take advantage of them.

Why Do Some People in the Same Situation
Always Pay Less Taxes Than You?

The answer is knowledge. They either have the knowledge or are using someone that has it.

Don’t depend on a computer tax program to provide you with the knowledge. Remember the old computer adage, “Garbage in - Garbage out.” Unless you have a thorough knowledge of accounting procedures, that tax preparation software that you purchased at the local office supply store could end up costing you a lot of money, not to mention the precious time lost. And every software program that we have come across has a glitch somewhere in how it handles things that ends up costing people money.

The Secret to Paying Lower Taxes

The secret to paying lower taxes is to use an accounting firm that has the expertise you need. There is a misconception out there that these type of firms all charge an exorbitant amount of money for the services they provide. While many firms do charge excessively, we do not. You will find that our services are priced very reasonably. When compared to both the time and cost of purchasing software and then doing it yourself, we are a bargain. With us, you will pay the lowest amount in taxes that is legally allowed.

The Lazy Person’s Way to Legally Pay Less Taxes

Now don’t get us wrong. We are not saying that our clients are lazy. Far from it. Most of our clients are highly motivated ambitious people just like you. And just like you, their schedules are already packed solid. The last thing they need to add to their agenda is to take precious hours for filling out tax forms. The “lazy” person’s way to legally pay less taxes is to have us do the tax preparation work for them.

Give Us Half an Hour and
We Will Save You a Bundle in Taxes

A short, half-hour interview is all the time we need from you to prepare your taxes. Nothing could be simpler. No fuss, no muss. Forget the aggravation and worry. Let us handle everything for you.

You Give Us the Info and We Do the Rest

All you need do is bring your info in to us and we will take care of the rest. And should you need us after tax season is over, we are available all 52 weeks a year. Should something pop up later in the year, just give us a call. Most things that pop up can be handled with a phone call and there is no charge for this extra service! We encourage our clients to give us a call any time they are making a major financial decision to take a look at the tax implications. The best time to look at tax consequences is before any major financial decisions are made, not after.

Free Half Hour Consultation

Gather up all of your records and stop in for a free half hour consultation. We will review everything with you and tell you up front what our fee for handling your tax preparation will be. There is no obligation involved what-so-ever. Give us a call, you will be glad you did.

accounting services

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accounting services

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