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The Computer Software Cure-all Myth

The Myths

  • Accounting software makes record keeping and accounting for your business much faster and easier.

  • Any business can purchase inexpensive accounting software today and eliminate the need to retain accounting services.

  • Any off-the-shelf accounting software will work for your business since all accounting systems are the same.

  • Anyone can use off-the-shelf accounting software.
    No bookkeeping or accounting knowledge is necessary.
    Even a child can do it!

  • Prepare your tax return yourself and save hundreds of dollars.

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The Truth

While technology has greatly improved the world of accounting, it is not the end all cure all that many would have you believe. Yes, accounting software can make record keeping and accounting for your business much faster and easier. Yes, you can purchase relatively inexpensive accounting software almost anywhere. But many, many small businesses have tried to save money this way and have failed miserably. Most have turned their simple accounting system into a world of technological horror - not only for themselves but also for the accountant they must eventually retain.

Most off-the-shelf accounting software works just fine for non-specialized situations. All off-the-shelf accounting software requires some basic bookkeeping knowledge. If you donít have the necessary bookkeeping knowledge you will most likely only dig a deep hole for yourself by plunging in and doing it yourself.

Also, time spent learning how to use the software must be considered the same as money spent. Only you (or your accountant) can place a value on how much your time is worth. Remember to add this into the real cost of your software purchase!

Are we saying not to use your computer? Absolutely not! What we are saying is that you should have proper guidance.

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What We Do

Precise Accounting & Consulting Services, Inc. will guide you in your software purchase by providing the information you need not only from a technological point of view but, more importantly, from an accounting point of view. You need more than "Computer Geek" knowledge in choosing your software; you need professional accounting knowledge that the local computer software salesperson does not have.

Once you have purchased the software, we will help you to install it on your system. We will then train you and your designated employees to properly use the software to make your day-to-day accounting easier and to enhance your business with the information needed to make informed decisions.

Tax preparation will become less expensive because it will be easier for both you and your accountant to prepare. (Believe it or not, we really donít enjoy getting supermarket bags full of scrap paper to prepare tax returns from!)

So, donít fall victim to the software cure-all myth. Get expert advise before taking advantage of the technology available. Call us today!


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